Commercial Ozone Generators

Commercial Ozone Generators with ozone productions up to 7 gO3 / h and low concentration. Air-cooled. For water and air treatment.
Ozone Production = Up to 7 gO3 / h
Ozone concentration = Low concentration

Available range of products

Ozone generator
Used for air or water treatment
With air compressor

Up to 7 gO3/h

Ozone generator
For water pipe
With water pump.

Up to 3 gO3/h

Ozone generator
It can be used in the presence of people
Bluetooth control

Up to 500 mgO3/h

What are commercial ozone generators used for?

Commercial range ozone generators are inexpensive equipments with low ozone production. They are used in all kinds of water and air treatments. Each range has different characteristics and is used for a different application. See the following recommendations for use:


GHBB range:


It is used to inject ozone into a pressurized water pipe as a pool pipe, an irrigation pipe, a pipe that supplies various cleaning taps in a food industry, a pipe that feeds one or more textile washing machines, a pipe that supplies water to a fruit or vegetable laundry, a pipe that rinses, cleans or disinfects packaging lines, wine boots, etc.
This range is very versatile, and has a high adaptability with low water flows.


GZ range


This equipment is a generic ozone generator with many applications in both air and water.
In water it can be used to bubble ozone in a tank and maintain its hygiene and disinfection. You can also connect it to a venturi and inject ozone into the water.
In air treatment it is frequently used to inject ozone for cold rooms, kitchen hoods to eliminate odors, or ventilation ducts to disinfect and deodorize.


GX range


This equipment can generate ozone in the presence of people. It has a powerful control unit that is managed from a mobile phone using bluetooth connection. You can program different intensities and schedule them at different times.
As an example, it could be configured to be used in a veterinary practice so that during working hours it performs a gentle ozone treatment to eliminates odors and maintains the hygine, and at night a powerful shock treatment to guarantee ambient air, surfaces and furniture disinfection.

Who buys commercial ozone generators?

GHBB: For Ozone Injection in water pipes.


Ozone for fruit and vegetable laundries.
Ozone for small agricultural irrigation.
Ozone for textile laundries.
Ozone for private and public pools.
Ozone to wash fish, meat and vegetable in markets.
Ozone for cleaning and rinsing of slaughterhouses.
Ozone to disinfect barrels.

GZ Range: For ozone bubbling in water tanks


Ozone for domestic drinking water tank.
Ozone for domestic wastewater tank.
Ozone for an exit chamber in a fish farm.

GZ range: For air treatment


Ozone for cold rooms.
Ozone for fume hoods.
Ozone for ventilation duct.

GX Range: For room ambient air treatments in the presence of people


Ozone for medical rooms, operating rooms, waiting and cure rooms.
Ozone for nurseries, geriatrics, classrooms …
Ozone for gyms, dance schools, yoga, pilates …
Ozone for changing rooms, bathrooms and garbage rooms.
Ozone for shops, fruit shops, butchers…
Ozone for veterinarians, pet shops …

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