Ozone for ambients with People

Ozone solutions to disinfect and deodorize ambient air with people.

Ozone systems for room ambient air treatment. The treatment can be direct or though a duct.

Ozone system for the ambient air in the presence of people.

Ozone generator


Direct to the ambient air
With integrated fan
Advanced mobile control
Bluetooth connection

Ozone generator


Injected in a duct
With compressor
With time programmer
Ozone injector included

Ozone generator


Ozone diffuser
With compressor
With time programmer
With ambient ozone sensor

Why would you use ozone in rooms with people?

OZONE DISINFECTS AND DEODORIZES the ambient air and the surfaces without employing Labor


Without transporting or storing Chemicals


No need to stop production


Automatic operation


Plan your treatments

ozono gimnasio

What is this ozone solution suitable for?

Spaces with an odor problems or risk of infection that usually have the presence of people. This is the case of:

ozono gimnasio

Ozone for sport centers: gyms, yoga, Pilates, martial arts …

ozono colegio

Ozone for educational rooms; nurseries, classrooms, academies, schools.

ozono sala baile

Ozone for dance halls.


ozono quirofanos

Ozone for sanitary rooms: medical clinics, operating rooms, veterinary rooms, waiting rooms …

ozono salas espera

Ozone for rooms with elderly people.

ozono sala basura

Ozone for garbage rooms.

ozono vestidores

Ozone for shops: greengrocers, butchers, fish-markets, clothing stores and changing rooms.

ozono vestuarios

Ozone for bathrooms and changing rooms.

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