Portable Ozone Generators

Portable ozone generators used for shock treatment
to disinfect of room ambient air and surfaces.
Available for water and air treatments.

Available ranges

Portable Ozone Generator
For ambient air
Fan output

Up to 16 gO3/h

Portable Ozone Generator
Used for ambient air, pipes and water
Duct outlet

Up to 4gO3/h

Hydro Portable Ozone generator
For water
With compressor and O2 concentrator
With PLC and Redox Meter

Up to 20 gO3/h

Aero Portable Ozone Generator
For room ambient air
With turbine and ozone destroyer
With PLC and ozone meter

Up to 64 gO3/h

What are portable ozone generators used for?

Portable ozone generators are equipments that are used to carry out shock disinfection or deodorization treatments in different places. Its manageability and easy transport make it a truly powerful tool to disinfect and deodorize. Ozone easily removes all kinds of organic odors.

Here you have some recommendations so you can better select your equipment


GP range


This portable ozone generator is used for shock treatments in rooms and vehicles. They disinfect quickly and deeply.


GPZ range


This versatile and portable ozone generator is used for water but also shock treatments of ambient air. As the ozone comes out through a tube, they can also be used to inject the gas into a ventilation duct or to bubble it into a tank.




This powerful and portable ozone generator is used to perform shock treatments using highly ozonated water. It is able to release water with ozone rates above 5ppm asnd it is used to disinfect floors, surfaces, food containers, tools, furniture, etc.


AEROGP range


This ozone generator is very powerful and has an advanced control system. It is used to perform ambient air shock treatments. AeroGP Includes an ozone sensort will let you know if the desired ozone rates have been reached at the end of the treatment.

Who buys a Portable Ozone Generator?

The companies that offer cleaning and disinfection services to third parties should have an ozone generator. It saves a lot of time and the results are truly amazing.

The following groups are habitual ozone costumers

ozono hotel

Hotels, pensions, nursing homes and hospitals

ozono coche

Car and other vehicles wash

ozono avion

Companies specialized in cleaning and disifection of trains, planes and ships.

ozono taxi

Companies specialized in cleaning ambulances, taxis and buses.

ozono post-incendio

Companies specialized in post-fire cleaning

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