Industrial Ozone Generators

Industrial ozone generators up to 40 KgO3 / h. High performance and resistance, water-cooled, advanced control by PLC.
High Ozone Production = Up to 40 KgO3 / h
High Ozone Concentration = Up to 150 gO3 / m3

Available lines

Powerful ozone generator
Liquid oxygen supply (LOx)
Ozone generation tank
Water cooled

Up to 40 kgO3/h

Versatile Ozone generator
Liquid or gas oxygen supply
Ozone generation tube
Water cooled

Up to 0,750 kgO3/h

AUTONOMOUS Ozone Generator
With compressor and O2 concentrator
Ozone generation tube
Water refrigerated

Up to 0,4 kgO3/h

What is an industrial ozone generator used for?

Industrial ozone generators are mainly used to treat and purify large water flows or to treat highly polluted water. In other words, they are used in water treatments with high ozone demand, such as drinking water treatment plants (DWTP) and residual water treatment plants (WWTP). They are suitable for public and private projects.


They are also frequently used in water parks, fish farms, advanced oxidation processes, and industries (cork, textile, petrochemical, textile …).


The ozone produced by this equipment can be injected into the water, by bubbling through ceramic diffusers in large contact chambers, or by venturi in contact towers.


High-performance industrial ozone generators are regularly supplied with liquid oxygen (LOX) or dry compressed air. It depeds on the desired ozone concentration. They can also have the oxygen supply through autonomous oxygen contraction systems (PSA).


Industrial ozone generators can operate 24 hours a day. They are quite resistant and durable. They require low maintenance.


They include all kinds of controls and automation to control the process with precision. They are often delivered with: pressure, temperature and ozone concentration meters, proportional flow regulating valves, etc.


If your process requires high ozone demand for 24 hours a day, you need to buy a reliable and durable industrial range ozone generator.

Who buys industrial ozone generators?

ozono edar

Ozone for public or private WWTP and DWTP.

ozono industrias

Ozone for the petrochemical industry.

ozono farmacias

Ozone for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry.

Ozone for fish farms and agricultural industries..

ozono corcho

Ozone for the cork industry.

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