Ozone for Industrial Textile Laundry

Ozone solutions for industrial laundries, to save time and money.

Ozone systems to inject ozone into a supply pipe (Flow) or into a buffer tank.

Ozone Systems for Industrial Textile Laundries

8-100 m3/h

Professional Ozone Generator


Ozone injection in pipeline
With Venturi, pump and tower
High ozone concentration
With oxygen concentrator
Air cooled

1-7 m3/h

Economical Ozone Generator


Ozone injection in pipeline
With Venturi and pump
Low ozone concentration
Air supplied
Air cooled

5-100 m3

Professional Ozone Generator


Ozone injection in Tank
By recirculation and venturi
High ozone concentration
With oxygen concentrator
Air cooled

Why would you inject ozone into the washing machine?

Ozone is a powerful oxidant. It increases the REDOX potential in water, causing detergents to enhance their effect. Washing with water in a higher redox potential will save you time and money. Your washes can be shorter, you couls use less detergent and at a lower temperature.


Optimize your costs and be more respectful and sustainable with the environment.
Is is been observed that washing with ozone provides softer clothes.

Who is this solution for?

ozono hotel

We address companies that work in industrial laundry. But also hotels, restaurants, hospitals and residences that have their own washing machines.

lavanderia ozono

In the recent years, ozone systems have also been purchased to performe an additional disinfection of clothing which have a risk of spreading diseasesas. For example: laundries in inmigration reception centers.

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