Ozone for Pools

Ozone solutions for public and private pools, both indoor and outdoor.

Ozone systems to treat swimming pools through pipe injection, or recirculation in a compensation tank.

Ozone System Available for Pools

50-2.500 m3

Professional Ozone Generator


Venturi injection in the pool tank
High ozone concentration
With oxygen concentrator
Air cooled

20-100 m3

Ozone generator


Bubbling in auxiliary tank
Low Ozone concentration
With Redox Control
Air Cooled

20-100 m3

Economical Ozone Generator


Venturi injection in pipe
Low ozone concentration
With accelerator pump
Air cooled

Why would you inject ozone into a pool

A relatively frequent problem in indoor pools is the strong smell of chlorine. The smell is not nice but also especially harmful for athletes, young and old people.


When a swimming pool has problems to maintain hygiene, usually people tent to increase the dose of chlorine until disinfection is achieved.


This excess of chlorine, together with the organic load and other variables, make chloramines and other organochlorine substances appear. Those substances will be breathed in by the swimmers.


How could we avoid the excessive use of chlorine? Disinfecting with ozone.


In terms of disinfection ozone is more powerful than chlorine and also has less residual effect because it lasts less time as an ozono molecule. That partucularity is due to its quick transformation to oxygen. On the other hand, chlorine is less powerful and also lasts longer in water, which is not convenient.


People look for a solution that keeps the water as disinfected as possible involving the minimum possible amount of the disinfectant.


What is the solution then?


If we do a powerful disinfection with ozone at some point in the recirculation, we will eliminate a large part of the contamination and will only have to dose a little chlorine to maintain the hygiene and meet regulatory parameters.


The combination of the two disinfectants will allow to reduce the use of chlorine and therefore the generation of chloramines.

In addition, ozone reduces turbidity, COD, BOD, color and flavor. It provides clean and crystal clear water.

Who is this pool ozone solution for?

piscina ozono ayuntamientos

Ozone for public swimming pools


ozono piscina gimnasio

Ozone for collective pools located in gyms

ozono spa

Ozone for Spas


Ozone for private and collective pools

ozono parque acuatico

Ozone for water park pools

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