Ozone for Wastewater

Ozone treatment to disinfect and purify industrial, urban and particulate wastewater.

We design and manufacture ozone systems to disinfect and reuse wastewater.

Ozone System to Treat Wastewater


We design, manufacture and install an ozone treatment system for industrial wastewater, to reduce COD, BOD, Turbidity, Color, etc.


We design, manufacture and install ozone systems for purification of public urban wastewater, either to be discharged or reused.

Flow rate 3,5 m3/h

Economical Ozone Generator


Bubble injection
Low ozone concentration
With air compressor

Why would you treat wastewater with ozone?

Ozone is a gas with a very high oxidation potential.
Ozono reduces COD, BOD, Turbidity, Color, Odor, heavy metals, emerging pollutants, etc.


Ozone purifies and is also a powerful disinfectant that quickly removes all types of microorganism.


In order to purify and disinfect, ozone must be dissolved in water so that it comes into contact with pollutants. There are different techniques such as bubbling or venturi injection.

How much ozone do you need?

Before making an investment in ozone for wastewater, it is a good idea to do a feasibility study.

ozono farmacias



ZonSistem has its own laboratory to test water.

ozono quimica

The testing


We subject several samples of your water to different ozone rates and contact times. Then we analyze the results, and we extract the decontamination curves.
In this way we can calculate how much ozone you need for each cubic meter to treat.

ozono industrias

Clients Type


We have carried out ozone treatment of wastewater in industries:
Ozone for petrochemicals
Ozone for flour mills
Ozone for slaughterhouses
Ozone for wine cellars
Ozone for textile industries
Ozone for food indistries

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