Agricultural Ozone

Ozone solutions to boost agricultural crops.

Ozone systems to treat pipes and atomizers.

Ozone System Available for Agriculture

50-150 m3/h

Industrial Ozone Generator


Ozone injection in pipeline
With Venturi, pump and Tower
High ozone concentration
With oxygen concentrator
Water cooled

7-115 m3/h

Professional Ozone Generator


Ozone injection in pipeline
With Venturi, pump and Tower
High ozone concentration
With oxygen concentrator
Air cooled

1- 6 m3/h

Commercial Ozone Generator


Ozone injection in pipeline
With Venturi, pump
Low ozone concentration
Supplied by air
Air cooled

5.000 L

Economical Ozone Generator


Ozone Injection by bubbling
Low / High ozone concentration
Air / oxygen supply
Air cooled


For irrigation and atomizers
We like challenges.
We design, manufacture and install tailored ozone systems for irrigation. We work with all kinds of problems.

Why would you irrigate with ozone?

The ozone injected into the irrigation pipe disinfects and improves the quality of the irrigation water and also reduces the bioflim of the pipes.


If the ozone reaches the plants, it will also improve the absorption of nutrients. Plants will look more vigorous and healthy a few days after starting the treatments.


You can sanitize your crop and also boost the performance.

Why would you treat your atomizer with ozone?

Ozone has proven to be an excellent crop enhancer through foliar treatment, preventing waterborne diseases. Inject ozone into your atomizer and boost your crop with ozone.


We integrate the ozone generator into your atomizer and teach you how to use it.

Take advantage of our experience …

ZonoSistem has been providing ozone solutions for agriculture for 15 years:


Ozone to eliminate Nematodes

Ozone to remove Fusarium

Ozone to remove Botrytis cinerea

Ozone to eliminate powdery mildew

Ozone to remove sooty mold

Ozone to eliminate rust

Ozone eliminate whitefly, tuta, aphids, thrips

Ozone for all types of crops:


Ozone for tomatoes

Ozone for cucumbers

Ozone for courgettes

Ozone for potatoes

Ozone for lettuce

Ozone for watercress

Ozone for blueberries

Ozone for strawberries

Ozone for blackberries

Ozone for melons

Ozone for vineyards

Ozone for olive trees

Ozone for orange trees

Ozone for all types of farms

We give you the Complete Service



There is no point having a powerful tool like ozone if you don’t know how to use it correctly.


Our agricultural technicians will teach you how to use your ozone equipment so that you get the most out of your crop.


An expert will solve your doubts:

  • When do I do the ozone treatment?
  • How much ozone do I need?
  • How often?
  • Do I have to take security measures?
  • Can i damage my crop?

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