Ozone for ETAP

Ozone solutions for ETAP, for pre-ozonization and post-ozonization.

Ozone systems to treat the large volumes of water in ETAP.

Ozone System for Public and Private ETAP

100-10.000 m3/h

Industrial Ozone Generator


Injection by bubbling
High ozone concentration
LOX supply
Water cooled


We design, manufacture and install an ozone system for drinking water treatment. Pre and post ozonation. With bubbling, venturi and pressurization systems.

Why treat ETAPs with ozone?

Ozone is a powerful purifying agent, used worldwide in the treatment of urban water destined for human consumption.


It can be used as a pretreatment, to improve flocculation and settling processes. It helps reducing heavy materials, organic load and other contaminants.

It can also be used as a tertiary treatment after filtration to reduce the use of chlorine and the generation of chloramines and other organochlorine compounds.

In most cases it is used in both pre and post treatment.

Who is this solution for?

We address public administrations, water managers, engineering firms and prescribing companies who wish to integrate ozone into their process of purification of rivers and swamps.

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